“Love in Green Pasture, accompanying me for 20 years”

We are absolutely grateful that Cumberland Presbyterian Church Green Pasture Kindergarten is 20 years old this year.  We thank God for His grace and guidance. He has always taken care of us in these 20 years, and led our kindergarten to develop stably.  Because of this, the number of our students is increasing continuously. Our team passionately cares for our students and their families.  The teachers strive to implement attentive curriculum and provide creative activities for our students. It can also be seen that parents are supportive and cooperative with our curriculum and activities.


Family–school’s Character Practice

God has created each child to be unique.  We always focus on carrying forward the love and care of Jesus Christ, and to teach children with love, acceptance and respect.  We have actively carried out the character education with the help of our parents. Under the family-school’s collaboration, the children have been fostered to develop good character, reinforced with positive values.  It encourages them to grow and flourish in their life.


To develop the multiple and comprehensive curriculum, children learn through play

Other than theme study, project approach and character education, we also follow the updated guidelines of the Education Bureau to optimize our curriculum with increasing multiple activites for children.  It has helped our children to learn through play. We also pay attention to support the non-Chinese speaking children’s learning and the collaboration with their families.


We have joined the Mainland-Hong Kong Teachers Exchange & Collaboration Programme, organized by the Education Bureau.  By following the guidelines of this programme, it has helped strengthen our curriculum in the areas of music and physical education.  This has not only developed our teachers’ professional teaching skills, but also fostered the children’s aesthetic feel, imagination, creation and their communication skills.


Our teaching team has received a positive response from the Education Bureau in putting this programme into practice and has been invited to share with other kindergartens’ educators their teaching experiences.



Green Pasture Kindergarten will keep moving forward on the path of good-quality education, providing a secure learning environment for our children and nurturing our children’s all-round development.