Curriculum (Teaching and Learning)

  • Our curriculum is made up of six areas of learning which is based on the curriculum guidelines of the Education Bureau. In coordination with the life-like themes, we adopt small class interactive teaching to build up children’s active and zealous learning attitudes.
  • We carry out various activities in music, physical education and art, emphasise on fostering children’s social and affective development.
  • We encourage children to learn through play, foster their physical and mental development.
  • We adopt continuous learning evaluation to meet the children’s all areas of development.
  • We offer curriculum of positive emotion and character education to assist children in developing good character.


Curriculum Planning

We compile our integrated curriculum according to the EDB’s “Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide”. We focus on the six learning areas and conduct our daily learning activities with thematic and project-based approaches, aiming to appropriately cater children’s learning interests. By implementing our learning activities through play and exploration, we hope to foster children’s balanced development in the moral, cognitive and language, aesthetics, affective and social, physical and spiritual domains.