School pays attention to language teaching and children’s independent learning. We have commissioned “Mingsun Publishing House” to
produce school-based multiple learning materials with the point-and-read function. It will be used with the “Ting Pen” (a point-and-read pen), to support parents and children to strengthen the learning content at home. Parents are welcome to buy the pen freely.

  • Cooperate with school-based multiple learning materials
    (including K1, K2 & K3 homework books, song books, and
    Chinese and English word cards)
  • Cultivate children’s interests in learning Chinese and enhance
    their self confidence
  • Promote children’s independent learning
  • Real people speak, let children review at home and strengthen what they have learnt
    One pen applies to all grades – K1, K2 & K3
  • FREE automatic online system update function, flexible update content